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    It's amazing what a difference the solution  and cleaning supplies make to keep our historic floors in good  shape.    

    Maria H. 5/4/17 

    Fantastic! Wonderful work and even took the time  to educate me on how to take care of my floors, even though it  would mean less work for him in the future. Have used since and  quality of work and products is exceptional!    

    Dana B. 5/3/17 

    I have used this company twice in the last few   months and plan to use again next year. I am obsessive compulsive  when it comes to my hardwood floors. My home was built in 1929  and the quality of wood a lot different than used today. Mike   really knows his business and strives to please. His process is  a bit lengthy and he is a perfectionist. The end result is worth it.    

    Sheila T. 11/10/16 

    They were wonderful to work with. Explained what they  would do and made my floors look like new. Explained how to take care  of the floors in the future and provided floor care product. These floors  shine brilliantly. Will have then come back for yearly maintenance.    

    William B. 4/9/16 

    He did an awesome job. The floors looked brand new, like   they should have in the first place. He came back out a couple of weeks  later to follow up and make sure the floors were still in order. I would  recommend them.    

    Celeste B. 4/1/16 

    Mike is one of the most professional people I have  ever met. He exceeded my expectations in every way. He came to my house  on my schedule and did an estimate and demonstration. He scheduled   the job when it was convenient for me and called the day before to   confirm and then showed up on time the day of the job-to the minute.  Simply put- he did the job as promised and the floors look even better than  I expected them to. It was not cheap but it was a good value for this   quality of work on exotic hardwood floors. I also appreciate the    respect of my home that Mike showed.    

    Chris P. 3/31/15 

    Michael was delightful. He is very friendly.  He acted in a very professional manner from my first call and   throughout the process. I would refer Michael to my friends and  family in a heartbeat. It is obvious he take great pride in his work.    

    Sandra P. 2/19/15 

    We thought our floors were already   clean but after Mike's hard work, our floors came alive  and the wood grain came shining through. Highly recommend   this company. Professional, friendly and on time.    

    Bradley L. 1/3/15 

    I highly recommend Nashville Hardwood Floor Care. He was on  time, professional, honest and gave great advice on how to   maintain the finish of my floors. He clean and restored the  floors for a rental home I own that was build in 1950. The   floors look as if they were just installed. The   transformation is amazing!    

    Randall B. 12/10/14 

    Cleaned a neglected white oak wood kitchen floor. Michael   was personable, prompt, knowledgeable, AND professional.   He went right to work in spite of walking into the chaos   of a house in complete rehab disarray. I watched as he   removed an amazing amount of ground in soil from a floor   I had no idea could possibly that dirty. I tend to be a   do-it-myself type and had never used this type of service   before. I was glad I had Michael come because I couldn't   have cleaned the floor as well -without damaging it- if   I'd scrubbed for hours on hands and knees. High marks for   this company's services in my frugal opinion!    

    Marla F. 11/3/14 

    Our floors are engineered hardwood so they cannot be sanded   down. Michael took off the old polish, completely cleaned   the floors and re-polished the floors. The floors are so   beautiful that I do not want to put my rugs and furniture   back on them.  They are AMAZING! I am an interior Designer   and I will recommend Nashville Hardwood Floor Care to my   clients. I will recommend NHFC to all of my friends and I   will use them  again myself.  Michael was prompt, left my house clean. I was not home   while Michael was there and i totally trusted him there alone.   I cannot say enough good things about Michael and NHFC.  Thank you Angie's List !!!  

    Kathy P. 9/25/14 

    Had serious cat urine damage in hardwoods. Came by my house   several times to do odor treatments. On day of cleaning was   helpful in moving furniture and very flexible to my four year   old daughter constantly in his way. My ultimate goal was to   just get rid of smell but Michael went above and beyond to   clean and polish the floors, even where not damaged. Was   professional and friendly. Looking forward to using him in the   future. Have already referred to multiple family members.  

    Haley C. 4/5/14 

    I'm really happy that our floors look presentable again (we   have been in the house for 7 years and have 2 dogs and a   toddler) but we didn't have to go through the expense and   hassle of totally refinishing them.  Michael was so, so nice. Like - - is it a joke that someone   is that nice? We had a wild day and lots of scheduling snafus   (my fault) and he was so kind and accommodating. I absolutely   trust him in my home, would recommend his services to friends,   and will be calling him again. I also appreciated that all his   products are green and/or low_VOC. There was no odor, and a   pretty short drying time considering the process.  

    Jessie A. 4/4/14 

    Mike is "The Man!" Simply put, if you care about your floors,   hire Mike to take care of them. He stripped and polished my   ebony-stained white oak floors and made them look fantastic.  He was punctual. His prep work was impeccable. And he worked   hard and was a pleasure to be around. Mike takes pride in his   work. He is one of the best and most conscientious service   people I have met. I will contact Mike whenever I need any   kind of work done on my floors in the future. Thanks, Mike,   you're the best!  

    John W. 3/27/14 

    Michael is a very sincere and thoughtful person. He was an   absolute pleasure to work with! He assumed the   responsibility of repairing our floors after they had been  damaged by a product that should never have been used, but   was continually used by our housekeeper over a several year   period producing layer upon layer of build up. Michael spent   5 1/2 days repairing the damage and restoring our floors!  

    Lisa G. 2/24/14 

    Michael arrived on time, went over everything he would be doing   (he'd already described his work and the price over the phone).   He was extremely knowledgeable about wood floors and made   suggestions about the best possible ways to "after care." He did   a great job on my floors, and the extra cost was because I asked   him to do extra work. He was extremely courteous, cleaned up   everything when he was finished and asked me to call if I had any   other questions or problems. I would certainly use his company   again and have already recommended him to a couple of people in   our neighborhood.  

    Christine B. 1/14/14 

    Michael was so honest that he recommended something other than   the service that he provides. He advised that because of the wear   and stains that the hardwoods had undergone through several years   of having renters in this house . . . . no level of cleaning,  refinishing, or coating them would truly make them look as buyers  would expect. He said that I might consider laminate or carpet,   instead. Many people would have taken my money, done what they   could, and left . . . whether the results were what I expected,  or not. Michael is truly a good person, and I'll be using his   services on another house that I have in the near future. I highly   recommend him, simply based on the knowledge that he'll be honest   with you.  

    Daniel C. 1/14/14 

    Reviews as OXYGREEN


    This was a great process. I had to reschedule   my initial appointment but Michael was willing to work with my   schedule and find a time that worked. He was very professional   and discussed the options for my worn out floors prior to   starting any work. The floors look much better and I would   recommend Oxygreen to anyone.  

    Abigail H. 11/15/13 

    Michael my floor guy was truly phenomenal. He was very   knowledgeable about his work and it was a joy for him to do a   beautiful job. He performed better than I could have imagined,   instructed me in further floor care and was completely focused   on doing the best job possible. The floor required some extra   completion and he returned to complete the work. He was prompt,   effective, helpful and had a work ethic rarely seen in these days.   An excellent job. He also called ahead to make the arrangements.   Excellent service. Excellent job!  

    Lynn D. 10/31/13 

    I was thrilled by the results of my hardwood floors. They look   wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone. Very courteous   and great on follow up, and very professional. A wonderful job.   Thanks.  

    Donna D. 9/16/13 

    They were great! I would highly recommend them. Extremely   professional and reasonable!  

    Perian S. 4/19/13