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    Polish Build-Up

    polish build-up

    Over-use of polishes and refresher can cause build-up leading to discoloration and creating a tacky feel to your floor's surface.

    Dirt & Residue Build-Up

    Dirt & Residue Build-up

    Poor maintenance and bad cleaners can result in build-up of dirt and cleaner residue on your floor.

    Dullness lost of shine

    Dullness lost of Ohine

    Just walking on your floors daily with your shoes on can help increase wear, dullness & lost of shine.

    Dried & Brittle

    Dried and Brittle

    This floor was covered with carpet and exposed to moisture which resulted in the damage to the finish and the floor itself.

    Wax Build-up

    Wax Build up

    The build-up on this floor is the result of years of waxing and never removing the old from the floor. 

    Fading & Color Loss

    Fading and Color Loss

    Heavy foot traffic and poor maintenance can result in damage to the top coat and fading.